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Three exciting stories in Travel & Adventure. Do you know which butterfly is one of the country’s national symbols?  More

Why is Costa Rica one of the Happiest Countries on the Plant? More

How’s your resilience? More

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Celebrating Costa Rica’s  Bicentennial

200 years!

We present just a few highlights from Costa Rica’s rich history. Discover the 16 national symbols, and learn about the new mascot, the sloth and the background on the flag…  READ MORE

Surfing Costa Rica

Yoga and Surf Go Hand in Hand

Both surfing and yoga require practice, patience, and perseverance…. READ MORE

Costa Rica Mystery

Finca 6 and The Mystery of the Spheres

Remains a mystery, have you read about the spheres? Seen them? … READ MORE


John Quam Editor in Chief Howler Magazine Costa RicaKeeping the Peace, Safety, and Happiness

From the well-worn laptop keyboard of our owner/editor, John Quam … READ MORE

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Never Looked Back

Having the Costa Rica vibe under my skin and in my heart was almost like a drug addiction; I could not get enough of it. In the back of my head, I kept thinking, “How can I make the move legally and still continue working?” … READ MORE

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