QBLOGS – This is a rant about people who visit perilous and unstable places and then whine when they are not rescued, comfortably and at risk to their rescuers. Oh, they seem to expect such services are at the expense of the taxpayers too.

There are many countries on my current list. Others feel that dangerous places and activities in all countries should be included.

This applies especially to those with family, ethnic, and cultural ties to the dangerous places. They presumably should have better information about the hazards of the locations they become caught in.

In Costa Rica, many foreigners, and expats, do the same. They do not heed the advice, then bitch and moan can’t get a top-notch medical team to them in a crisis in the middle of the jungle, for example, or live in remote areas knowing of their medical conditions, then bad mouth the country for not…, well you get the picture.

The world can be a dangerous place. Social media and the internet show how unstable it is in real-time. Those who take risks need to live with them. Bleeding hearts in rich countries that demand extraction should be ignored.

Reasonable support is one thing, but moaning about the help not received and the dangers seems crazy. Those who want to should crowdfund rescues or insure. Maybe they should volunteer to mount them?

Vent at me if you will. I do not care.

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