Q24N (EFE)  Laureano Facundo Ortega Murillo, son of the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, gave this Wednesday the inaugural lecture of the school year of the state National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN), in Managua, in which he predicted the end of the “world dictatorship of the dollar” and the birth of a new world order.

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“Challenges and opportunities of Higher Education in a multipolar world to achieve good living”, was the theme of the inaugural lesson of the 2023 academic cycle of UNAN-Managua offered by Ortega Murillo, also the son of Vice President Rosario Murillo, said that Alma Mater on their social networks.

Ortega Murillo, who is the presidential advisor for Investment, Trade and International Cooperation, highlighted in his speech the future alliances that are being forged in the “new world that is being formed”, headed by China, Russia, Iran, India and the countries Arabs, to the detriment of the United States, the European Union and Canada.

“We are at the birth of the multipolar world, where the historical hegemonism of the United States and its subservient Europeans and Canadians ceases to exist and their pressures and political and economic blackmail lose strength and belligerence,” he said, according to the government portal “El 19 Digital”.

“Now we have that powerful common front that has been made up of the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation, India, the Arab countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran and our Latin America and the Caribbean,” he stressed.

“And it is precisely here where I believe that our universities must pay special attention to the challenges and opportunities for Higher Education,” urged Ortega Murillo.

He appreciated that professional training in the field of diplomacy is of the utmost importance, “so that Nicaraguans can be counted on to represent in all local and international spaces, where the right to self-determination is defended and to represent our Nicaragua with dignity.”

From El 19 Digital

Will Nicaragua Not Make Transactions in Dollars?

“With regard to the training of new professionals in all disciplines, we must be clear that countries like China, Russia, Iran, and India are now the ones who are researching and developing the technologies of the future and opening the doors for mutually beneficial cooperation. based on respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of each State,” he said.

“The Arab countries and China, are major world financial centers, with the capacity and willingness to develop financial cooperation mechanisms through loans, investments and projects, and mixed programs,” he added.

In this sense, Ortega Murillo indicated that “transactions and exchanges are already being carried out without using the US dollar, that is, the world dictatorship of the dollar is over.”

From El 19 Digital

“Nicaragua cannot and should not be excluded in this new and much-needed modality of work and financial cooperation,” he noted.

Therefore, he urged the university students to “consider with great attention and priority the new world reality, this with a view to the training and development of our own capacities, and to encourage and inculcate in our youth and in Nicaraguan businessmen of all kinds to put the look always beyond”.

Economy grows despite sanctions

During his speech, Ortega Murillo affirmed that “despite the constant pressure, sanctions and aggressions of the empire (the United States), the failed coup attempt (of April 2018) and the effects of the pandemic”, Nicaragua has reached “achievements of economic growth”.

The Government maintains that the protests that broke out on April 18, 2018, over controversial social security reforms, which later turned into a demand for Ortega’s resignation after responding with force, were an attempted coup.

After finishing his speech, Ortega Murillo received the honorary title of “distinguished visitor for his invaluable contribution to the economic development of the nation, thus strengthening social investment, particularly Higher Education”, granted by the rector of UNAN-Managua, Ramona Rodriguez.

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