QCOSTARICA – The Government of Rodrigo Chaves promises to present a bill in May to regulate technological transport platforms such as Uber and DiDi.

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Since December, the Executive Branch had indicated that it would present an initiative for this purpose in January, however, to date it has not done so.

Earlier this week, the San Jose Labor Court decided in favor of a former driver, ordering Uber to pay him vacations, bonuses and social security, which could lead the company to extend the same payments to all its partner-drivers.

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On Friday, President Chaves briefly referred to the case, publicly saying the sentence of the labor court against the Uber company represents an individual case that cannot be generalized to all drivers.

“That sentence refers to a particular case, it cannot be said that it is general for all cases. It is still being discussed by the courts and therefore there is nothing concrete. We are negotiating a bill with the taxi drivers and the platforms that will be presented in May. It is a very old issue that we will try to resolve,” Chaves said.

The president was very cautious when referring to the subject because more than 30,000 people depend on the platform to generate income.

Uber said it will appeal the sentence.

“This resolution is of first instance and is not definitive. We will be presenting an appeal before the corresponding Court to assess the legal foundation of the sentence. In any case, what is dictated in this process would apply only to the particular case of this person,” said Uber.

In addition, the president reiterated that he will present a series of security bills to Congress in mid-April, after the Semana Santa (Easter Week) holidays.


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