Minister of Health: “Closing the country again is not an option…”
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QCOSTARICA – The Minister of Health, Joselyn Chacón, appeared this Tuesday before the legislative Plenary to explain the minister’s strategy for vaccination against COVID-19 of minors and the end of the emergency decree, the main interests of the legislators.

Minister of Health, Joselyn Chacón

At 3:03 pm, Chacón began her appearance, after being summoned, before the Legislative Assembly.

For 20 minutes, Chacón gave her position on the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, the figures that are experienced in the country and the emergency due to respiratory viruses in minors.

The Minister defended that the data of positive covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are up to date, despite the hacking, and show that we are in a good place, so it is not possible to continue with the measures of a year ago.

“Health does not have to be only physical, it must also be mental and social. Closing the country again is not an option because there are hungry people in this country,” she assured.

Chacón criticized some comments made by legislators on political controls and asked to confirm data before releasing them to public opinion.

“What you say reaches the most important corners of this country and on some occasions, it was said that I had to react or that the Heredia hospital was filled. I sat down with my team, I ask them what happened and they provide me with information that the hospital is doing well,” she said.

The minister defended the effectiveness of the vaccines and said that people distrust them because of the wrong messages coming from places like the Legislative Assembly.

“These things worry me because people think that the vaccine does not work, that vaccination does not work, because if the hospitals collapse it means that it (the vaccines) do not work, because the majority of the population is vaccinated. With all the humility I am to tell you that we take a clear message to the population and that this (vaccination) saves lives,” she indicated.

The Minister referred to other issues such as what is happening at the National Children’s Hospital, a hospital that is full of minor patients with respiratory problems, and the mandatory vaccination against COVID-19.

Among the questions (and responses) put to the Minister were:

Why are there no vaccination campaigns for children? The Minister replied that vaccination campaigns have been carried out in schools, but assured that some teachers do not allow doses to be applied to minors for fear of the reaction of some parents.
Eliminating the mandatory use of the mask. Joselyn Chacón assured that they always encourage the use of face masks. “Through networks” when she was pressed in providing details.
Was lifting of the emergency based on political or scientific criteria? Joselyn Chacón affirmed that the decisions were based on scientific criteria that emanated from the National Emergency Commission. Insisting for more, since president Rodrigo Chaves spoke of post-pandemic, Chacòn recommended asking the president, “My name is not Rodrigo Chaves,” replied the minister.

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