Costa Rica in walk of faith!

QCOSTARICA – Devotion, respect and prayer, that is the call of the Catholic Church for those who take part in the Pilgrimage to the Basilica of the Angels, the “romeria”, in honor of the patron saint of Costa Rica.

The final steps to the La Virgen de los Angeles

‘La Negrita’ appeared in 1635, in a place known as Puebla de los Pardos in Cartago. Time later the tradition arises, the one that moves the faith and hope of thousands of Costa Ricans who each year make the walk to the Basilica.

The Bishop of Cartago, Mario Enrique Quirós, reminded the pilgrims that it is a pilgrimage that must be carried out with devotion and respect.

Garita took the opportunity to send his blessing to all the pilgrims who participate in this festivity of the Catholic Church.

Foto Rafael Pacheco.

Some, like the group from the southern zone, have been walking for days. Most will walk shorter distances, all getting on their knees for the last few meters for the final steps to La Negrita, to give thanks or ask for a miracle paid with devotion.

Stories of overcoming, of requests for people’s health, or of searching for solutions, come to Negrita de los Angeles from all corners of the country.

This Monday, August 1, mainly in the afternoon and evening hours, a large number of faithful Catholics are expected to reach la Vieja Metrópoli or Old Metropolis as Cartago is also known, once the capital of Costa Rica.

Image of the Basilica in past editions of the romeria.

After two years of being suspenced without activity due to the covid-19 pandemic, this year more than double, around 2.5 million people, are expected to visit the Virgin of Los Angeles.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 2, is a national holiday, but one of ‘no pago obligatorio’ or non paid holiday.

For its part, the Ministry of Health the Health coordinator pointed out that, as part of her functions, she is ensuring to reduce risks that may affect citizens, so they will have 28 inspectors attentive, mainly, to the purification of water and food sales. .

Mayor Mario Redondo pointed out that, since last May, a commission has been working on the organization of this great event. In total, for these days, 100 municipal officials from nine different departments will work and another 35 will be hired to contribute to cleaning the roads.



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