BAC reports a new scam attempt targeting its customers

QCOSTARICA – BAC Credomatic customers are being targeted with a new scam attempt using a false message that alerts about an alleged blocking of accounts due to a login from an unusual location, the private bank reported.

The scam method is a message alert sent to mobile devices notifying a “temporary account blocking” with a link to “manage the unblocking”.

Clicking on the link, users are redirected to a website that intercepts bank accounts and extracts the money.

“BAC Credomatic will never request in your notifications to enter a link and enter your personal bank details to manage a product unlock,” the bank states in a message sent to its customers.

BAC Credomatic recommended its clients to distrust any contact established by unknown persons and even more so if it is under the guise of a security alert. AND never, under any circumstances, provide sensitive data such as account numbers, online banking username and passwords, ATM PIN, debit or credit card numbers and their passwords, PIN for transfers.

BAC Credomatic, like other banks, has official contact channels available to users.


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