Spanish – Tico Expressions

Spanish – Tico Expressions

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agarrado — cheapskate, miserly.

al final de cuentas — “at the end of the day,” in summation, to sum it all up, end of story.

arroz con mango — literally “rice with mango,” this means a tangle, a mess, un enredo.

bulla — noise, racket, uproar. Los vecinos estaban haciendo bulla hasta las 3 de la mañana — “The neighbors were making a racket until 3 a.m.”

chiva — cool, neat, great. Qué chiva — “How cool.”

chunche — thingamajig, whatchamallit, a word used for any little object you don’t know the name of.

descarado — someone with no scruples who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him; a shameless person, un sinvergüenza.

desmadre — a chaotic disaster, a mess.

despiche — same as desmadre, but more vulgar.

hediondo — stinky.

madrear — to insult someone else in a vulgar fashion.

miserable — cheapskate, miserly.

nada que ver — Literally “nothing to see,” this means that one thing has nothing to do with another thing, but it’s often used to mean, “No way,” “That’s wrong,” “That’s BS.” Este vino está en descuento, y todavía cuesta 20 mil? Nada que ver. — “This wine is on sale, and it still costs 20,000? That’s BS.”

sinvergüenza — a shameless person, un descarado.

tacaño — tightwad, cheapskate.