Two men’s quest for their dream cars took them from Connecticut to Colorado to Costa Rica, where they found their gold at the end of the rainbow — two classic Toyota Land Cruisers, meticulously restored to mint condition.

Brent Jones and Ken Peters of Connecticut are passionate about cars, and Ken dreamed of finding a 1969 Land Cruiser like the one he had in Southern California in the early ’90s. They found the kind of cars they were looking for at an auction in Denver, and they were told that the company responsible for their gleaming looks was a shop called 506 Classic Auto Restorer in Costa Rica.

Soon the wheels were in motion for this Tico company to find, acquire and completely restore two vintage Land Cruisers, a tan one from 1969 and a blue one from 1977. The two men flew down last month to see the results, and they were blown away.

“The communication that we received from 506 Classic Auto Restorer was amazing,” Ken said. “We received pictures of every step in the process, perfect documentation. The attention to detail was far beyond what we were expecting.”

In January the men will fly back with their families to take a road trip in their sleek new rides, and then the cars will be shipped to Connecticut.

It’s all in a day’s work for the people at 506, who specialize in Land Rovers and Land Cruisers but will restore any vehicle 25 years or older.

The owners of 506 Classic Auto Restorer say passion is their driving force, and seeing clients so happy with the outcome makes it all worthwhile.

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