Lifestyle Feature – 360° Splendor del Pacifico

Lifestyle Feature – 360° Splendor del Pacifico

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The sales and management team of the 360° Splendor del Pacifico Residences breathed a sigh of relief.

The nearby Flamingo Marina has just announced its approval for construction.

Often referred to as “360 Flamingo,” the luxury condominium and penthouse project is now ready for its debut as an upscale housing development overlooking the future Marina Flamingo.

Real estate developer Ed Podolak, a former pro football player for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his partners have bided their time, waiting for the perfect moment to build their grandest hospitality project to date. They started building in 2015. With the recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, there has been a sense that this little pocket of Costa Rica’s Gold Coast is on the brink of something big.

Ed, who has a Super Bowl ring from his rookie year in 1969, has a track record for well-timed real estate developments. His prior condominium-hotel projects in Jacó attest to that. Pulling from his experience with luxury developments in Aspen, Colorado, he brought his eye for opportunity to Costa Rica in 1997.

After three years of scoping out Costa Rica for investment opportunities, Ed decided to start a business in Jacó, where he set up shop as a Century 21 real estate agency. A year later, fortune knocked, and he invested in a partnership to build the first of his Costa Rica developments, the Hotel Club del Mar. Two years later, he built Hotel Club del Sol on the adjoining property.

The concept was a winning play. Build a beach resort with condos and penthouses, sell the units to second-, third- and fourth-home buyers, then run the development like a hotel.

While Jacó has a reputation for parties, nightlife and surf, Flamingo has calmer waters that fit its reputation for being clean, quiet and safe.

Calling Flamingo his second home, Ed is a longtime member of the Flamingo Beach Association, and is a regular contributor and participant in the activities and initiatives of this group, which funds the maintenance, serenity and accessibility of this beautiful beach.

With the 360° Splendor del Pacifico Residences, Ed takes the formula of his prior condo resorts, improves on it with observations of his client’s habits, and surrounds it with sigh-inducing views.

The “360°” in the project’s name says it all. From every floor, there is a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Costa Rica’s “Gold Coast.”

With luxury condominiums that are available for rent, 360 Flamingo combines the best of hotel concierge service with the independence of a personal vacation home. After years of observing the clients that frequent his Jacó hotels, Ed realized that privacy while traveling with family and friends is something that couples often appreciate. So he designed each 1-bedroom condo with connecting doors and balconies, to instantly convert them into 2- or 3-bedroom residences.

But these rooms are not designed for you to stay in bed all day and be closed off to the beauty that is Flamingo Beach.

Instead, these condos beckon you to get outside and play. It’s as if the ocean view is, by osmosis, magnetically pulling you through the triple-paned glass windows and doors, drawing you to discover the wonders of its blue depths.