Dos Locos TTZ – Fiesta Time!!

Dos Locos TTZ – Fiesta Time!!

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This is the time of year in Guanacaste when we all gear up for the transition into full-blown high season. With that comes the annual migration of snowbirds and the musicians that follow the flocks.
Starting at Christmas, it’s also fiesta fime. For anyone who hasn’t been to one, it’s a must see and do when you’re here. Here are a few tried-and-tested rules you are wise to follow when entering the fiesta zone.


Good timing is the way to assure a good time. Ask a local resident to find out when and where the weekly fiestas are being held. Once you know dates and locations, check the daily lineup of activities. Opening processions, bull riding and dances (in that order) usually start around 2 p.m.


Pick your place carefully. Once you’ve arrived at the fiesta site, be very aware of where your person and your vehicle are placed at all times. At a local fiesta in La Garita one time, I had backed up my truck close to the bull-riding ring, thinking it was the perfect tailgating spot to view the event. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this was right next to the exit chute until one bull got loose. After breaking through the ring and into the crowd, he bounced off my truck and proceeded to charge through the frantic throngs of spectators and headed straight for the cantina. When the cowboys finally managed to rope him, the bull had left a scattered trail of food, beer and churros in his wake. So if you are daring enough to be in the bullring, in the stands or around the ring, be aware of the fluid nature of it all.

Dance with eyes open

After the bull stuff is over, the party is not. Almost every fiesta is followed by a dance (baille) held in the local hall next to the ring. This is a loud and boisterous affair … definitely for the adults. Don’t be afraid to dance it up, but always keep an eye out for the loco locals who have had too much guaro to drink. It’s the local adult beverage and must be taken with caution.
Another great thing about high season is that great musicians show up and mix it up with local bands. Be sure to check out the local listings and the entertainment calendar in this magazine to get the scoop on who’s performing on any given night. There are lots of venues for blues, jazz, acoustic jams, DJs and live rock ‘n’ roll.
Bottom line — high season means it’s high time you stepped out to enjoy all that the Tico Time Zone has to offer. So don’t be shy. Get out and have some fun in the sun and the moonlight.