Serves 6
Contains lactose


5 Limes
400 g Condensed milk
500 ml Evaporated milk
10 g Gelatin
Chocolate biscuit

Method of Preparation

Remove zest from all limes and set aside. Squeeze the juice of all the limes and set aside. Place the dehydrated gelatin in water with ice to soften.

In large bowl, whisk the condensed and evaporated milk. Incorporate the lime zest and once all combined, slowly add the lime juice. This process must be done slowly to keep the mixture from becoming grainy.

Remove the soft gelatin from the water and heat for 30 seconds in the microwave to create a liquid. Incorporate with the mousse. Divide mixture in 12 glasses and place in the refrigerator.

Once the mousse has set, create a crumble with your chocolate biscuit and sprinkle over the mousse to cover. Decorate with strawberry and serve.

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