Quick Trips – Snorkeling Off the Shore

Quick Trips – Snorkeling Off the Shore

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Snorkeling is a water sport almost anyone can enjoy. Even with just a few hours for a planned or spontaneous quick trip, snorkeling instantly immerses you in a glorious other world.

Costa Rican coastlines offer no end of marine wonderlands to explore up close. The Gold Coast shoreline alone has a variety of superb, and generally safe, snorkeling spots The critical exception is a river mouth (estuary) site, essentially feeding grounds for predatory fish and crocodiles. WARNING: DO NOT attempt to swim or undertake any water activities in such areas. It is dangerous, and serious attacks do occur.

One of many places to have a great time snorkeling is Playa Conchal, near the town of Brasilito. A short hike or drive takes you to a beautiful beach consisting of small crushed seashells, which feels amazing to walk on. The water is generally calm and clear. Underwater visibility is fantastic. Put on your snorkel gear and see the hidden magic underneath, including rays, starfish eels, sea turtles and an abundance of fish by the rocks. Back on the beach you can dine on local fresh fish and tropical fruits. Rent a lounger, sit back and relax. You will love this experience.

Some nearby snorkeling locales are just as easy to access by simply walking straight to the beach. Others are more secluded and difficult to reach. Ask one of the locals; they know best. Some suggestions, depending on current ocean conditions, include Playas Danta, Flamingo, Penca, Brasilito, Piratas and Minas.

From the beach, good swimmers can travel that way to their snorkeling spot of choice. Other options are kayaking and stand-up paddling, in which case a light anchor will be needed to secure this equipment while snorkeling.

Snorkeling gear can be purchased at some supermarkets and various water sport centers, where equipment might also be rented. Hourly rentals are offered at several beaches as well. Not being a good swimmer is no reason to stay behind; a life vest or styrofoam noodle provides buoyancy to stay afloat while delighting in the sights below.

Enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery and take lots of pictures!


Snorkeling Safety Tips

Don’t go out snorkeling alone.
Snorkeling right after a meal is not recommended.
Check for riptides.
Don’t go snorkeling if it’s too windy and you see currents.
Don’t grab or stand on the rocks to prevent cuts.

Be aware, not afraid

Once in the water, if you happen to see a large fish, don’t panic. It is probably a large tuna or possibly a whitetip reef shark. They will not bother you. Enjoy the sighting and the experience. At certain times of year, you might encounter sea snakes. Although poisonous, they have very small mouths and cannot bite you very easily. Just leave them alone to go on their way.

Also keep in mind

When leaving Costa Rica after a visit, you are not allowed to take seashells back home. Respect the environment and be respectful of living creatures. The balance of nature is linked to all living things.