“We are healthy and we never need to go to the doctor.”

Over the years as a health insurance provider in Costa Rica, I have heard this more often than not from clients applying for coverage. It’s led me to conclude that most people would not move to Guanacaste unless they were healthy.

I have also come to the conclusion that most people are overdue for a health problem that needs attention. Maybe it’s the pura vida life that lets us put our guard down — more activities, no sidewalks and holes everywhere. We are all ticking time bombs … we are just due.

After giving this more serious thought, I started to realize how important it is for my clients and friends to have insurance that provides excellent service, especially when an emergency occurs. Consider that the 9-to-5, Monday-to Friday time period, when most family members are at work or school, accounts for only 23.8 percent of the week. Therefore, the majority of illnesses and emergencies take place during evenings and weekends.

Whoever you choose as an insurance broker, make sure there is someone who will answer your call outside of business hours. That is when you need an advocate most!


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