Horoscope – September & October

Horoscope – September & October

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ARIES: Your ruling planet, Mars, joins Mercury on September 4 at the August 21 eclipse degree of 28 Leo, giving voice to your ongoing frustrations. Be precise about your actions as Mars stays in Virgo throughout October 23. Your best days are September 8 and October 5 and 6 (am).

TAURUS: Venus, your ruling planet, moves from early Leo degrees through 20 degrees Libra in October. The most challenging period will be from September 23 to October 15, while in the perfectionist sign of Virgo, where Venus is not very expansive. Take advantage of the good days of September 9 and 10, and October 6 (pm), 7 and 8.

GEMINI: Mercury, your ruling planet, is very powerful in the early part of September as it’s about to go into direct motion on September 5 at 28 degrees of Leo, the same degree as the August 21 eclipse. You are likely to be frustrated with your lack of progress towards your goals at that time and will want to lash out at others. Curb that tendency as after the 11th, things start to unfold more easily for you. Your best days are September 11, 12 and 13 (am), and October 8 (pm), 9 and 10.

CANCER: With several planets transiting the earth sign of Virgo in September and October, you will be on the go and busy but also concerned about health issues and habits. It’s a great time to do a detox diet or just change up your normal routine to give yourself an energy boost. September 9 (pm), 14 and 15 (am), and October 11 and 12 are days of clarity for you.

LEO: The beginning of September is a high-energy time as Mars and Mercury come together at the last 2 degrees of your sign. Be aware ou could be very demanding or obsessive at this time. Finances become more important during the middle of September and most of October. September 16 and 17, and October 13 and 14 are your stellar days.

VIRGO: With lots of planetary energy activating your sign, particularly in September, you are energized for action and change. Don’t get overly concerned with controlling the details as things could move fairly rapidly in your world now. Significant days for you are September 5, 6, 11,18 and19, and October 15, 16 and 17 (am).

LIBRA: Watch that you don’t sabotage your efforts during the month of September by being too aggressive or too passive. October has both Mercury and Venus in your sign so things will go better for you. Jupiter is still in your sign so there is hope things can vastly improve in October. September 20, 21, 22 (am) and 29, and October 15, 17, 18 and 19 are days of grace for you.

SCORPIO: With your ruling planet Mars in an aggressive stance with Mercury the first week of September, you need to cultivate determined action, not aggression for aggression’s sake. Don’t be foolish to think people don’t notice your behaviors and therefore want to avoid you. Practice patience and strategic alliances. September 23 and 24, and October 19, 20 and 21 are your best days.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn is still doing its retrograde period in your sign and watch for something significant to culminate on September 28. These last two years have not be easy for you. In fact, they have been downright difficult, if not totally depressing, but you are coming out of it by year’s end. Good days for you are September 25 and 26, 1and October 22 and 23.

CAPRICORN: With Pluto going into direct motion on September 28, you will have reached a culminating point of this current cycle of acquisition and power. Now what? You have the support of planets transiting the earth sign of Virgo in September and October so you can still accomplish your goals if they are realistic. Your best days are September 1, 2 (am), 27, 28 and 29, and October 24, 25 and 26.

AQUARIUS: Watch for some significant information to come in regarding future plans on September 28. A cycle is ending then and you will need to complete something so you can begin another. There is much to be done on the humanitarian front so pick an issue and proceed. September 2 (pm), 3, 4 and 30, and October 1, 27 28 and 29 (am) are your stellar days.

PISCES: Neptune retrograde in the 12th and 11th degrees of your sign makes you rather languid and lazy. This is a good transit for art, creativity, romance, compassionate actions and trips to the sea. Allow your interests to change with this transit; you will enjoy the experience and where it takes you. Significant days are September 5 and 6, and October 2 and 3.