John Quam Editor in Chief Howler Magazine Costa Rica

It’s green, green, green, goodbye dust! The first touch of humidity and subsequent rainfall turns everything from brown and burning to lush and vibrant. I personally think what we refer to as “green season” is the most beautiful times of the year. It’s fresh and things are alive and growing. New life is all around. Hummingbirds buzz from each little flower getting that all important nectar.

This is our life in Costa Rica! It attracts so many people. The adventure tourist, travelers wanting to experience different cultures. THEN those of us who move here: the wanted (by the law?) or the unwanted, either way – the runaway Expats. Granted there are adventurers that move here to take advantage of the diversity and experience the world. I have witnessed all, even the wantedin- cuffs being escorted into the police station.

The life expected may not be the one you will achieve, its part what falls off the bus and part what you make it. No one really fully controls their own destiny. We have landed in “Paradise.” Our expectations might be beaches, palm trees, flowers, chirping birds and happy monkeys playing while we sit on the beach and have our pina colada. Well, I hate to break it to you: the real world still exists from what we might we have created in our minds. Real work is required to maintain the so called Pura Vida. We are bombarded everyday with obstacles that affect us in many ways: financial, emotional or just “getting screwed”. As unplugged as you want to be, we are still connected to the madness of the outside world. It goes back to choosing the path with eyes wide open.

No place is an easy place to live, but this is a very good place and has so much to offer if you take the time and observe. Don’t get bogged down with the small things or be concerned with what other people think or say. Not everyone is going to like every aspect of what you do. Being comfortable with what you represent is really all that matters.

Go out of your way to meet people. We have a very diverse population representing many international cultures. It is great to talk and get to know what people are about. Why are you here? What are you doing? What do you anticipate that this adventure has in store for you?

“Difficult roads often lead to the most beautiful destinations.”

Author Unknown

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