Bookshelf – Young Voices Edition

Bookshelf – Young Voices Edition

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Students from the eighth and tenth grades from Costa Rica International Academy (CRIA) spent part of their school year developing special friendships with the seniors from El Hogar de los Ancianos in Santa Cruz. These poems were written after their Christmas visit after the students brought gifts and Christmas cheer to the residents.

In honour of the end of the school year, we are sharing their poems to celebrate some of the special connections made and some of the stories CRIA students told of their senior friend.

Alba’s Life

By Margaux Van Geyt

Enter the room
And there she was.
First one to
Stand and smile.
Her name was Alba

And really sweet she was
Her story she told us
And I wanted to cry
Holding my tears I stood
Firm and smiled.
She gave me a hug

And squished me like a bug.
She was very happy.
Suddenly she told me

How poor she was before
And how she wanted
A special christmas
She talked about how
Sad her Christmas’ are.
Leaving I was with
A broken heart.

Forced To

by Camille Houde

To Santa Cruz we go

To meet the old and wise.
Old and young meet
Unsure and shy at first.

From dementia to deaf,
They all have one thing in common,

Old age changed them
But their minds stayed intact.
From wrinkled skin to cataracts,
Each person has a different story to tell.

Born in 1918,
They were forced to participate.
From cleanliness to a retirement home
From a garden to a kitchen
From hatred to happiness
They still call this place home
Because it’s all they have left.

The Pull

By Scarlett Meins

In the room
People were serving cake
I was serving juice
No one left to serve

I looked around
For someone to talk to
An old man by himself
I put down the juice
Stood up straight
And walked towards him

I asked him his name
He answered
I didn’t quite understand
He asked me mine
I answered
He didn’t understand
I asked him some more questions
He didn’t understand
As I was about to try some more
A warm soft hand grabbed my hand
His eyes were small but lively
His skin was white and wrinkled
I asked him his name
He asked me mine
And guess what
He understood

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