Young Voices – Isabella Gregory

Young Voices – Isabella Gregory

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I am a student of La Paz Community School. My name is Isabella Gregory. I am wanting to address the problem of non-organic material being disregarded on the beaches and in the ocean. When this occurs it pollutes many of the ecosystems that live in our environment. There is any easy solution to this problem; a foundation can be formed to educate individuals of this issue.

This needs to be noticed because, as stated earlier it is polluting the area for many inhabitants. Not only those on land are harmed but also the ones that soar the sky. Center for Biological Diversity had stated: “60 percent of all seabird species have eaten pieces of plastic, with that number predicted to increase to 99 percent by 2050” (Center for Biological Diversity). We must act now to prevent this at all costs.

There is a solution to this problem. A foundation can be formed to educate people of it. If we act by setting up teams to clean up the shores and visit associations, then this will help to educate the tourists that visit Guanacaste to be able to see what Costa Rica’s mission to helping wildlife is all about. Then they can spread word to their communities. We need to act now or the life that we find as majestic and awe inspiring will go extinct and unknown.

To my conclusion this non-organic material is killing many species in the wildlife. A foundation can prevent and give the knowledge needed to reveal the truths of this problem. We are taught to love and not harm others. We must do the same for the other life that inhabits the earth. It may not seem as important but these lives are at stake everyday. Saving one can save many!

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