Surf Report – March 2017 Results

Surf Report – March 2017 Results

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The contest was in Mal Pais, Santa Teresa March 11 and 12. Conditions were offshore in the morning, then moved onshore around 11:00 a.m. Waves were about 4-5 feet. Saturday was good: blue conditions and clean. Sunday, for finals, was onshore and a lot of wind. Sideshore created a current going to the east. Nevertheless, all of the competitors still managed to make it look good.


1. Anthony Fillingim
2. Jose Lopez
3. Lorenzo Wickstrom
4. Ramon Taliani

Open Women
1. Valentina Resano
2. Serena Nava
3. Rubi Brownell
4. Christine August

1. Sebastion Mora
2. Tiago Carrique
3. Sam Reidy
4. Dean Vandewale

Boys U16
1. Sam Piter
2. Dean Vandewalle
3. Tiago Carrique
4. Sam Reidy

Boys U14
1. Sam Piter
2. Aaron Ramirez
3. Sam Reidy
4. Darshan Antequera

Girls U16
1. Rubi Brownell
2. Serena Nava
3. Kitty Brewer
4. Candelaria Resano

1. Candelaria Resano
2. Kendal Rosales
3. Auxiela Ryan
4. Kalani Abrahao

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