The Bookshelf: Talking Tico by Joe Baur

The Bookshelf: Talking Tico by Joe Baur

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“Over the course of his time abroad, Joe brings his experiences to life alongside the history of the region as he travels throughout Costa Rica and its Central American neighborhood with stops in Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala. Xenophobic expatriates, delicious food, vibrant market scenes, an epic battle with Mothra, and inevitable culture clashes all make an appearance in Talking Tico, leaving readers with a new impression of this fascinating region.” (from the author)

This book is a travelogue, or memoir of moving to Costa Rica from the U.S. and the many challenges confronted in that endeavor. The writer doesn’t limit the story to Costa Rica however, and also presents adventures and challenges in other Central American countries. (from The Howler)

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