Surf Report March 2017

Surf Report March 2017

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While the national surf competitions are now underway, the veterans of these circuits are enjoying the start of their international work on the World Surf League (WSL) contests.

The current Costa Rica Women’s champion, Leilani McGonagle of Pavones, remained in Australia after her two-round appearance at the World Surf League’s Junior championships in Kiama. First, she improved to the Quarterfinals of the Subway Surf Series Pro Junior in Cronulla. Then in a man-to-man (woman-to-woman?) heat against the 2016 world Junior champion Macy Callaghan, who hails from Australia herself, McGonagle was unable to find the waves that would allow her to demonstrate her skills. She ended her run for that contest right there.

Next, she participated in the NIB Pro Junior at Merewether Beach. After a 2nd place finish in Round 1 behind another Aussie, Alyssa Lock, she did not deliver in the next Round, also filled with locals familiar with the wave—Sophia Fulton, Alysse Cooper and Jamaica Selby. Once again, McGonagle could not find the right waves in a country she visited for the first time. You can be sure, now that she has spent some time there, she’ll improve on the next go-around. She’s just like that.

McGonagle also had a go on the Women’s Qualifying Series (QS), along with her pal Emily Gussoni of Jacó.

Gussoni was in Australia specifically to try to earn enough points on the QS that would enable her to participate in the important Prime events. At the start, at the Carve Pro in Sydney, she passed two heats (McGonagle seeded in Round 2 but that’s as far as she was able to go in this one).

At the Flight Centre Burleigh Pro on the Gold Coast of Queensland, both girls were positioned in the same Round 1 heat. Gussoni came in 2nd, while McGonagle was last. Again, Emily stalled in Round 2.

Leilani McGonagle placed second in Heat 2 in Round 2 at the Subway Surf Series Pro Junior at Cronulla.
Leilani fared a little better at the Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Women’s Pro in Carbarita and Komunity Project Great Lakes Women’s Pro in Boomerang Beach with a 1st place in her first heat (Emily punked out there), and a 3rd place in each of these dates.

Gussoni considered the conditions in Australia to be a letdown and a hindrance to her potential performances. “Waves were about 1 foot and it was windy. I think with better conditions I could pass more heats.”

It’s also important to keep in mind that these girls are both young, and can only improve on the next go-around.

At this writing, Emily was to Hawaii, just as Tiago Carrique, Malakai Martinez, Dean Vandewalle and Aldito Chirinos left. She was looking forward to trying out the big, fun waves.

Also in Hawaii last month was Esterillos’ Carlos Muñoz, who we haven’t heard from in a minute. Although he was seeded to start in Round 3 based on his QS rankings last year, he was unable to put anything together. He was in excellent company of those who struggled, as even Kelly Slater fell out in that round. Slater had previously won at Pipeline in 2014 and 2016.

The second date of the Kia Costa Rica Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf was wrapped up last month. The Copa Tiki Hut Marbella had some notable moments including a return to the top spot in this circuit by national champion Anthony Fillingim, three finals finishes for Malakai Martinez, an upset in the Women’s by Rubiana Brownell, and an invitational for the older surfers, the Masters.

While super stoked to win the Invitational Masters, Boos said he wants to compete in every event, but understands that the rules have changed.

“It’s okay because the kids are surfing very good blowing minds,” he said.

Copa Tiki Hut Marbella – February 11, 12, 2017

1. Anthony Fillingim
2. Danny Bishko
3. Malakai Martinez
4. Ramon Taliani

1. Rubiana Brownell
2. Serena Nava
3. Coral Wiggins
4. Braidyn Cummingham

1. Dean Vandewalle
2. Oscar Urbina
3. Malakai Martinez
4. Francisco Coronado

Boys Under 16
1. Malakai Martinez
2. Dean Vandewalle
3. Tiago Leão
4. Oscar Urbina

Girls Under 16
1. Valentina Resano
2. Rubiana Brownell
3. Serena Nava
4. Auxiela Ryan Castillo

Boys Under 14
1. Sam Reidy
2. Aaron Ramirez
3. Axel Castro
4. Josiah Knapp

1. Calendario Resano
2. Kalani Abrahao
3. Pietro Garroux
4. Isaiah Dawson

Masters Invitational
1. Christian Boos
2. Fabian Sanchez
3. Heitor Abrahao
4. Jeff Allen

Best Performances

  • 20-point Heat Sam Piter
  • 3 Finals Appearances Malakai Martinez
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