The Bookshelf: Children’s story – Fast Friends

The Bookshelf: Children’s story – Fast Friends

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Smitty the Kitty and Liliana the Iguana live in a hotel in the jungle. It’s a real hotel, a people hotel, but they live there too. Both Smitty and Liliana like eating from the restaurant, and they like to play with the hotel guests.

Smitty loves to be petted, and he jumps into people’s laps while they are eating! Liliana loves to have her picture taken, so she is in heaven since all of the hotel guests want to have their pictures taken next to Liliana. Liliana smiles and poses for them, nodding her head up and down, and the people laugh and laugh, and take lots of pictures. Liliana is famous all over the internet, but she doesn’t know it!
Smitty and Liliana like to play chase around the hotel. The hotel guests are always a little freaked out at first, because they don’t know that Smitty and Liliana are friends and they are just playing. Sometimes that huge lizard chases after that cat and they both go racing around, which is fun to watch because they make a big mess running through things sometimes. They both go really really fast!!

One day, Smitty chased Liliana into a really tall coconut tree. Liliana, feeling a little stuck out on a limb, jumped from the tree all the way down onto the beach chair below her, like iguanas can do. But Smitty was stuck in the tree! He couldn’t get down because cats can’t just jump out of coconut trees like iguanas can, and coconut trees don’t have branches to help with the climb back down. So Smitty made himself comfortable on top of some coconuts and leaves, and cried, and cried, and cried, for a whole day!

The people at the hotel were worried about Smitty, and they didn’t like listening to him cry. So they called the coconut man Tomas. Tomas climbed right up that coconut tree to reach Smitty. Smitty was very happy to see Tomas, but he didn’t know Tomas so was a little afraid. Tomas reached in and picked up Smitty, safely putting him in the bag Tomas had climbed up with. And while Tomas was up there, he cut down some coconuts for everyone to drink.

When they were about half-way down the tree, Smitty jumped out of the bag and ran off, and Liliana started chasing him all over again!

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