Howler March Contributors

Howler March Contributors

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Marcet Araya. BA English Lit, UC Berkeley. Former writing instructor.

Robert August. Surfer. Long-term Guanacaste resident. Local celeb.

Gregory Basco. Gregory Basco, award-winning professional nature photographer and environmentalist.,

Jesse Bishop. Long-term Guanacaste resident.

Mary Byerly. HIghly certified yoga instructor. Guiding others to live vibrantly, creating positive change one person at a time.

Jeanne Callahan. Astrologer. Aware, smart, funny and interested in everything under the Sun!

Perry Carlille. Pastor of Beachside Community Church.

Gilberth Cavallini. Veterinary Doctor, owner Cavallini Veterinary Services, Villarreal (MegaSuper Plaza)

Ellen Zoe Golden. PR background helps her write, write, write!  Surf culture fascination.

Ivan Granados. Managing Partner at GM Attorneys. He specializes in real estate and corporate law.

Stacy Jean. A Canadian who has spent half her life in Guanacaste.

Johnny Lahoud. Owner/broker of Pura Vida Realty, Playa Grande. He loves Costa Rica a lot.

Sylvia Monge. Owner of Spanish for Expats, a tutoring and translation service.

Ariana Clashing O’Reilly. Local writer.

Tom Peifer. Ecological land use consultant with 20 years experience in Guanacaste. 2658-8018.

Tom Schultz. BS Biology and Geology, avid birder and nature photographer, retired software executive.

Ryan Waldron. BS Atmospheric Science, surfer.

Louis Wilson. Founder, Tamarindo Wildlife Sanctuary and Las Tortugas Hotel.

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