February Editorial

February Editorial

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Lately we have seen lots of activity by the municipality to improve the previously hard-to-traverse and sometimes impassable roads. It is very noticeable and makes me want to believe that they really do care!! It’s a developing country, I know! But I’m happy we can drive in relative comfort and speed on our short cuts to our awesome destinations!

February is a month of celebration: Valentine’s Day, the Local Rodeo Festivals continue, Blues Fest and of course the Grand Event, Mardi Gras. It’s fun fun times for all as well as providing the locals and visitors a wonderful excuse to FIESTA. Tourists and expats, mingling with the Ticos at these events is fun and you really get drawn into the excitement that is generated in the community as they gather and enjoy the comradery. The bases to all these celebrations and events is food, drink and the celebration of life. Time to experience life with the locals, get out of your comfort level and enjoy the true Pura Vida!

This month we are celebrating Food and Fiestas. It is a draw not only for sustenance but socializing. We at The Howler know how important it is to celebrate and at the center of it all is Food and Drink.

Our area offers so many fine restaurants that feature local traditional dishes as well as international cuisine. There are many specialty treats in Costa Rica that are probably not readily available in your home area.

The Howler Dining Guide is coming into its own. It is presented in a clear and concise manner, designed to inform the reader what they want to know when choosing a restaurant that fits their current appetite: restaurant description, menu items, location and food photos. Readers will find it easy to read and understand what each establishment offers in a consistent format. Readers can also go online at www. and see a complete description, full menu, more photos and exact location.

Food, drink and Fiestas are what draw us together and cause us to smile and laugh, and are a large part of “The good life”. Pura Vida.

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