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Living in Costa Rica is such an opportunity to experience many of the natural wonders of the planet we know as our home, and that we call Earth. There are so many microclimates, geological manifestations, types of diverse plants and animals, right here in this relatively small country. However, if we take a moment to reflect…to be MINDFUL…we can see that it is all connected and that we are a part of it, just as it is a part of us. We “Inter-are”.

Pick a cloud…there are plenty to choose from right now…and contemplate it. Where did it come from? And when you no longer see it, where has it gone? Well, it came from the ocean’s water vapor – the same ocean that gives us fish, and is there for us to surf on. And once you no longer see the cloud, it is likely that it may have turned into the rain that flows in the local streams and back to the ocean. But, it is also the fresh rain that waters the garden and mixes with the Earth’s soil to nourish the plants, plants that provide beauty, oxygen for us to breath and foods for us to eat. Even when you look at a beautiful flower, you can see the rain (the ocean), the soil (former plants, volcanoes, Earth), the sun and the air. The flower isn’t JUST a flower.

So, “what is the point?”, you may say. The point is that everything is part and parcel of everything else. Without our beautiful Earth that adds support for it all, we might not be. And so, we should be mindful of her care…our Mother Earth. For in doing so we care for ourselves and all that we hold dear and enjoy. And caring for our Mother Earth is simple and something we can all do. It doesn’t take joining an environmental movement. Just a few things from everyone on the planet could preserve her. Things like picking up some trash you see on your path, eating in a vegetarian way (even just one day a week), go one day a week without using electricity, set a “car free” day once a week. After all, she supports each and every one and we are a part of her. We Inter-are.

So, next time you take a walk (anywhere) imagine your feet touching and giving the Earth a kiss with each step. And when you see those clouds, think of how many ways they will become a part of you…and your dog and your horse and certainly the ocean where we play.


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