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The Sailing trip
When we got to the sailing place I started to sail. I feel like I was in the Titanic with the breeze of the sea. The captain tell us a story of his life. When I go to swim I feel like sea creatures where looking and chasing me. The water was cold and fresh. After it was lunch time my father pack me lunch but Sofia T mom invite me to a hot dog and a fanta. After it was time to go back to school.
The End.


I am writing about our FIELD TRIP! First of all,there’s something called a “dead zone”. No matte rwhat, you can’t sail in it. The reason is that there’s no wind in the “dead zone”. BUT you won’t die. Now on to when I was driving the boat. It was confusing and hard. The “captain” said I was blind. I told him that I wasn’t blind. Now, my favorite part, TETHERBALL!!! It’s a fun 2-player game, where you hit a ball and try to wrap it on a pole. When I started playing, it was very hard.

Sailing Center field trip

When we got to the Sailing Center an instructor was instructing us. He was instructing us about the dead zone and parts of the boat. He said that the dead zone was a zone where you can’t sail. When the instructor stopped instructing we got to the Catamaran. It was very fun because we were going SUPER FAST !!! 1 min later we got into the dead zone and the Catamaran wasn’t moving. When our turn was over we swam to shore. When i was on shore i was very tired from swimming. Then we played in the water with the Boogie Boards . SAILING IS FUN !!!
Noah F

Sailing center field trip

We went to the sailing center for science. At the sailing center we did boge boarding, then we went sailing when I was sailing, I got to steer the boat. In sailing I got stuck in irons. In irons means that you can not move. After i went bogi boarding the waves were nice size. And then I ate lunch I had a hot dog. And then i played dodgeball. I had a great time at sailing center.

Our field trip to sail camp

Hi i will tell you about our field to the sail camp. First we learned about the wind and the dead zone. So basicly the dead zone is where you can’t sail which means you will get stuck. So the captain (justin was his name) he chose two groups my group and Monste’s group so he said that we will sail on a catamaran. So we saw the dead zone and he told us we can jump off so we did that like 4 times. So he dropped us on the dock and switched we swimmed all the way to the beach we were boogie boarding with jacob and sky and then i crashed on the sand and i got a rash from it so i went out.

By Suede Ruzicka

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