Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

My whole life school had been something I wanted to avoid, something I couldn't wait to get away from.

Many kids like me feel their learning experience is undesirable and mundane.
Me and a group of friends decided to get together and change this! We have learned that sitting down and absorbing knowledge is one of the most fulfilling moments a human can have. Knowledge is what lets us understand our surroundings, our past and our future. Learning and absorbing knowledge is the reason we live the way we do and the reason we have come to be as advanced as we are. It is the act of learning that stimulates your brain, making a person more efficient and capable.

I was lucky enough to find people that taught me that there is no need to procrastinate if you just open up and enjoy learning. In order to enjoy learning I realized that you just need to stop seeing it as a duty and make it into a hobby; you need to make it something you want to do.
Although the traditional school system works for many, for me it lacked the flexibility to feel comfortable in my environment and want to learn. That is why my friend’s parents decided to create our small school called iRen, to provide us with a learning environment where we can truly thrive. The name stands for Institute of Renaissance, which sums up pretty well what we are doing, re-inventing education. This system lets me enjoy learning, making me want to push beyond my limits while still having the social and cooperative experience, with a group of teachers that encourage us and teach us how to accomplish what we need and want in life.
iRen uses the “maestro en casa” system that MEP offers, which consists in one set of six exams every six months that are available for teenagers and adults. The teachers prepare us for the exams while also helping us figure out what to do with our future and helping us achieve it. Since it is one set of exams every six months, it enables us to finish a grade in half a school year if we are up for the challenge. We practice self-study but have teachers to reach out for when we need them and to make sure we keep advancing. We also have group activities that allow us to work together and discover each other’s strengths.
Now, I feel like I understand the real meaning of education. It is not supposed to be all about memorizing and fitting in the cookie cutter, it is about self-exploration, challenging yourself, being an active part of the community and always evolving into a better version of yourself. Now I’m excited to go to school everyday and learn something new!
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