Horoscope January 2017

Horoscope January 2017

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ARIES: The year begins slowly and gently for you, almost like you are in a dreamy kind of fog as Mars, your ruling planet, is still hanging close with Neptune until the 6th. While this can be frustrating, you have to work with this energy, not push for action. Strive to be receptive instead. The vibe shifts after the 24th as Venus in Pisces moves over Mars’ position. This should bring in guidance and assistance from women as well as some major inspiration coming in. Your best days are the 4th, 5th and 31st.

TAURUS: You get the benefit of Venus moving into Pisces on the 4th, bringing more Venusian pleasures and opportunities for art, creativity, comfort, love and money into your life mix. There’s a bit of a surreal mystical quality to it around the 13th as Venus moves past Neptune’s position in Pisces. Look for occasions to socialize with new groups, ideals and influential people. You are in the process of sorting out your beliefs and ideals throughout the rest of the month as well. Be frugal. Your good days are the 6th and 7th.

GEMINI: With your ruling planet, Mercury, in retrograde motion until the 8th, you are kind of treading water the first week of the new year. After that time you can expect more forward progress in your life. At the end of the month when Mercury joins Pluto at 17 degrees of Capricorn you realize you have some choices to make. Be frugal with your money and begin planning an investment or saving strategy for the future. Your professional life could have many ups and down this first month, you’ll know what to do if it gets too crazy. Your stellar days are the 8th, 9th and the daylight hours of the 10th.

CANCER: With 3 planets transiting your 7th house, including the Mercury retrograde, you have some kind of decisions pending regarding partnerships or contracts. By the end of the month you will have a clearer path to resolution of the issues. Mars, Neptune and Venus transiting your 9th house push you to explore a spiritual path as you may have insights and revelations come easily to you this month. There could be a beneficial move to a new home on the horizon for you as well as different professional opportunities. The 11th and the full moon on the 12th are your best days.

LEO: You start the year with a big hit of power on the 7th as the Sun joins Pluto in Capricorn on the day of Mercury going direct. This month could signify a direction change or some kind of new description added to your identity. There’s some confusion about your career until the very end of the month so take it easy if things feel confusing about how to accomplish what you intend to do. Leo’s like to do things in a big way with lots of splash and pizzazz. Your creative force is also at a high for most of the year so you can relax into an almost continual generation of ideas and schemes. Fun! Best days are the 13th and 14th.

VIRGO: Practical creativity is your pathway to fulfillment and success this month, though the month begins with kind of a foggy idea of what you want to achieve. Other people may let you down a bit during the first week of the month as Mars travels with Neptune, but it straightens out by the end when Mercury clears the degree it went retrograde on the 26th. Defining yourself as an innovator will work in your favor. Just show up, do the job and take the credit. Your stellar days are the 15th and 16th.

LIBRA: You are going to be putting a new act together this year, one that is radically different than what you went through in 2016. This is a process that continues through August as you sort out what and who you want to keep in your life. Be very gentle with yourself the first week of the month as Mars and Neptune together could have you feeling spacey, fatigued or immune system compromised. Relief comes after the 18th to be sure. Your days to shine are the 17th, 18th and daylight hours of the 19th.

SCORPIO: With Mars, your ruling planet, close to Neptune the first week of the month, you have a softness around you that normally is not there. Creativity, insights, ideas and having some fun are energies that are rising within you. Write it all down so you don’t forget it. Someone from your past, probably a woman will be in touch to offer you support. Be aware that your words have lots of power right now and do your best to stay in total authenticity. Best days for accomplishment are the 20th and 21st.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s a bit of luck around you now as Jupiter, your ruling planet, in your 11th house is opposite Uranus in the 5th. This generally portends a favorable time with people willing to help you gain in life and also want to have some fun with you. Be willing to open up and not shut down. There’s still some issues with cash flow and expenses but you will figure it out and be out of the worst of it at the end of the month. You can make improvements in your home after the 18th, as you may be subject to some water leaks during the first 2 weeks. Keep a positive outlook. The 22nd and 23rd are your best days.

CAPRICORN: This is a powerful month for you as 2 planets in Capricorn in your first house give you charisma and a forceful presence. Choose your words carefully on the 7th as Mercury direct along with a Sun Pluto conjunction make things pretty binding. Take things under advisement if someone demands a commitment. A woman from your past could get in touch with you for a favor. This is also a time to watch your cash flow as well. Best days are the 24th, 25th and 26th.

AQUARIUS: With Saturn in your 11th house you are sorting through friendships, business associates, ideals and the social circles you move in. Like weeding a garden, it takes time but you are trying to align in a very authentic way with bigger humanitarian concerns, a sincere walk your talk moment. Jupiter in the 9th house supports your pursuit of truth and justice. The 1st is a good day for you and the new moon on the 27th and the 28th highlight a direction change.

PISCES: The year begins with a bit of weakness for you due to Mars traveling close to Neptune in your first house. You may feel particularly fatigued or have some confusion about what you want to accomplish. A female from your past may contact you around the 5th looking for a favor or returning something to you. This is kind of a mystical time as well so pay attention to your dreams and impressions all month as you are extra psychic and picking up all kinds of vibes from people. Make sure you cleanse your energy field daily as this goes on all month. Powerful people are around you in your business world so listen up on the 8th when Mercury goes direct. Life could shift for you then. Best days are the 2nd, 3rd, 29th and 30th.

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