A raccoon story

A raccoon story

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Last night at about 11:00 pm I heard a noise in the garden. One of my dogs barked, but in a soft way. A second later one of my big dogs barked, really angry in a deep voice. Then I knew something was wrong. I jumped out of bed, took out the torch and ran to the garden. I heard the noise again, coming from the part of the patio where the food bowls for the cats were. One of my dogs, her name is Pauline, was laying right in front of these bowls and a raccoon was trying to climb over her to reach the food. It looked so funny, I had to smile.
When Pauline saw me standing there in my pyjamas, the torch in my hand and heard me laughing, she jumped up and the raccoon slipped down. Pauline, in a bit in shock now, as she does not like other furry animals, started to run to the house and the raccoon ran after her not knowing what was going on. Meanwhile, a bunch of the other dogs, which were laying on the patio, ran towards Pauline barking like crazy as they like to chase raccoons. Luckily, the raccoon was able to climb up one of the palm trees and was gone within seconds. About 10 dogs were now sniffing around this palm tree, back and forth, as they had not realized where the raccoon had disappeared to that fast!

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