Hello, I am Edwin, I am a Native of Costa Rica, in fact a Native of Tamarindo. I have lived in the United States and traveled to many places. I am currently in the tourism business and as I interact with the people from all over the world I run into many types of questions. I do my best to answer them honestly, but sometimes it turns to funny and maybe a little off beat.
I will be writing a question and answer column in The Howler monthly. Please submit your Questions to me and see what you get!

Hi, my name is Jill, from the beautiful state of North Dakota, my husband and I are planning a trip to Costa Rica and we want to do a zip line tour. I am a little apprehensive because I heard they are pretty tall and I am scared of heights and I don’t like stairs, but I am determined to try it before I die, you know one of those bucket list things. What would you recommend as to how I should deal with this?

RESPONSE: Hello Jill from North Dakota, thank you for writing to us. First of all, being scared of heights is natural, but once you’ve done the first platform the rest of the trip, with little drippings running down your pants, is a cinch and people won’t judge you for it, they might make a face and turn their head away, but what can they do? They’re tied to a tree with you in a platform. Regarding your fear of stairs, I can totally relate to this as I don’t trust stairs either as it seems they´re always up to something.

Many times, I drive around and see interesting, funny or just odd things. I sometimes say to myself. What would Ed do?
The Discovery Channel should be on a different channel every day.

If someone starts a sentence with “words can’t express,” brace yourself, because they’re about to give it a hell of a try anyways.
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