Top 5 Secret Sanctuaries in Guanacaste

Top 5 Secret Sanctuaries in Guanacaste

Whether you are a tourist or a proud resident, chances are you have only experienced a little fraction of what this country has to offer. You need local knowledge and a good 4x4 to discover the hidden paradise that lies, most likely, at the end of a very shitty road.

Fran Castro is a local surf instructor and adventurer. He has discovered a passion in discovering
and pinpointing the absolute best spots for surfing, nature sighting and relaxing.
Today he has provided me a list of his 5 favorite secret places to take his lucky friends. So get your
adventure gear ready, and prepare to get to know Costa Rica like a tico! Pura Vida!

    1. Playa Danta

      This clear water beauty is located 40 minutes away from Tamarindo. There you can enjoy a calm
      and paradisiacal ocean and a very close view of the Catalina Islands. Go ahead and spend a day
      paddle-boarding, kayaking and exploring the beaches nearby.

    2. Playa Bahia del Pirata

      30 minutes away from Tamarindo is this beautiful secluded spot, where you can enjoy the view of 3
      breath-taking islands, almost identical to each other. The closest island has a spectacular cave that
      is easy to reach and snorkel inside of it. If you walk south, you will find more amazing natural

    3. Playa Huevo

      As private as it gets! “Huevo” is only accesible by boat! It is located near Coco Beach and has an
      amazing variety of submarine caves and tunnels you can swim through, wow!

    4. Buena Vista

      2 1/2 hours away from Tamarindo is Buena Vista, where you can surf its amazing waves and enjoy
      the rich wildlife and beautiful scenery. This beach is also home to a turtle refuge center you can

    5. Playa Blanca

      It is located south from Playa Negra. Its abundant tide pools and characteristic white sand make it
      a paradise for snorkeling. Blanca can also be an amazing surf spot, but only if you are an
      experienced surfer.

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