Lifestyle Feature – Envision Pillars, A Lifestyle To Fight For

Lifestyle Feature – Envision Pillars, A Lifestyle To Fight For

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While serendipity plays a large role in bringing strangers together, it isn’t the operative word to describe the undeniably powerful community that converges at Envision Festival in February. The presence of forward-thinking people is almost impossible to ignore during and surrounding the event. The empathy that courses through the international community is palpable, reflected in the bits and pieces of conversations that populate Rancho La Merced, Uvita and Dominical. It’s something akin to the unspoken understanding that we are in this together. It’s the commitment to better ourselves and each other through hard work and discipline.

While some may wax philosophical about the cosmic nature of our convergence in Costa Rica, the personal and professional relationships that create the majesty of the Envision Festival community do not happen by chance. Worldwide ripples are created by this community because of the unwavering dedication to the 8 Pillars which serve as the guiding ethos for the festival.

The 8 Pillars of Envision are the most concise summary of a lifestyle that this complex community has decided to fight for: Permaculture, Spirituality, Movement, Art, Music, Community, Health and Bioconstruction.

Only eight words make up the mission statement of an event that summons thousands of people year after year. Everyone who builds and attends Envision interprets these concepts differently, but the subjectivity and simplicity of the message has resulted in a global network of movers, shakers, and unapologetic seekers of happiness.

Active intention in the direction of sustainability is paramount, and this lifestyle choice resonates around the globe. As globalization comes to a head in the 21st century, the importance of actively pursuing a cleaner, more humble lifestyle take precedence over all else. This is the urgency that fills the hearts and minds of the wanderers who explore Envision. We fly in the face of the status quo so that in the future there may still be a status quo to challenge.

For Envision Festival, the 8 Pillars are the enduring bedrock of this event’s importance. We come from many countries and we do not compromise on these values. We can be both warriors and lovers, depending on your perspective.

The 8 Pillars

Envision identifies with eight pillars:

  • Art: “For 2018, our artist lineup is decorating the canvas of our venue with the colors of eco-conscious sculptors, magnificent muralists and sustainable crafters from all over the world,” writes Graham Berry, one of the organizers.
  • Music: “Envision is curated by music lovers for music lovers to experience something new they have never experienced before,” says cofounder Josh Wendel.
  • Spirituality: “Exploring our own spirituality brings us closer to our soul’s purpose and toward the beautiful and freeing vibrations of pure love, joy and serenity,” writes Andrée Pontbriand.
  • Bioconstruction: “Nature teaches us many things and in the quest for a sustainable event we’ve learned to protect her by minimizing our impact on the environment,” writes Berry.
  • Permaculture: “Permaculture is the foundation of Envision Festival because in this vast multidisciplinary practice we believe in whole systems design and regenerative strategies,” writes cofounder Sarah Wu.
  • Community: “We strive with Envision to offer everyone that gets to experience it a taste of what it feels like to live surrounded and supported by true community,” says Brooks.
  • Health: “Maintaining good health is a key component to becoming the best version of ourselves, and thus leading our most inspiring, rewarding lives,” says Pontbriand.
  • Movement: “Our 2018 event will be introducing more therapeutic meditations, partner acro and hearty handstands,” says Berry. “All skill levels are welcome.”